Dave is an excellent professional recruiter that takes the time to understand the needs of the client. Dave always builds a Win - Win relationships and partnerships with the teams he works with as well as the candidates he places. Dave always identifies, locates, screen, and present high quality leaders. I highly recommend Dave for any work that requires the expertise of a professional executive recruiter.
— Angel Herrera, Ericsson
I have had several opportunities to work with Dave over the past few years with great results. Dave is an extremely experienced, professional recruiter who delivers quality candidates to fill critical positions in a timely manner. Dave works with integrity and a sincerity to build long term relationships with the teams he works with as well as the candidates he places. I would highly recommend hiring Dave and look forward to working with him in the future.
— Kelly Green, HR Consultant
When we started up Sprint PCS, we needed to quickly hire a nationwide management team. Our needs were quite specific, we needed to convince senior executives to leave comfortable positions at competitors and come join us in a new venture that was a partnership between Sprint and three cable companies. Dave was instrumental in helping us determine the best organizational structure, develop the position descriptions and requirements to ensure our success. Dave then proceeded to bring us some of the best candidates to interview. We selected over twenty Area Vice Presidents and fifty District Directors in less than six months. Dave brought a large share of the candidates we selected.
— Richard Kimsey, Sprint PCS
Dave has been a tremendous partner in assisting me in finding executive level talent. He took time to understand our needs as his client and he worked diligently until he delivered a qualified fit for our organization. Because of his commitment, his expertise, and his results, he has always been a resource for me in recruiting executive talent.
— Cheryl Brown, USF Federal Credit Union
Dave and the SGI team were engaged four times to identify, locate, screen, and present potential high quality leaders. After gaining an understanding of the attributes and skill sets we needed Dave and team quickly found and presented great candidates. I highly recommend Dave and the SGI team for all your recruiting needs.
— Kerry Newman, Metro PCS
Dave Johnson is the consummate professional. I first met Dave in 2005 as he helped me into the best the job I’ve ever had. What struck me more than anything was the time Dave took to understand me as a potential candidate, ensuring it was a perfect fit. Subsequently, Dave has provided me with the four best performers on my team. I use Dave and SGI as often as possible because of the results they deliver.
— Jay Noceto, T-Mobile
Dave and I have worked together on various ventures and become friends during the past 15(+) years. He has been more than loyal and added substantial value to both Wisper Telecommunications and High Density Networks in the areas of business development, trade marketing, fund raising, organizational planning, recruiting and human resources. I have the utmost respect for David’s business acumen, and integrity, and honored to have his support and friendship.
— Barry Pier, WisperTel
Dave is a pro - a recruiting professional who brings great integrity, knowledge and a thorough understanding of his clients as well as candidates to the equation. Dave is a Recruiter I would personally use if I needed the services of a professional recruiter and I recommend him without hesitation. He is a true class act.
— Bill Vick, Vick & Associates
TJ is the best recruiter I’ve known. He listens, asks probing questions, and understands that character matters more than skill sets. He’s brought people to us who love to learn and grow, who are driven to excel, who fit into our collaborative teams, and who care deeply about living and working with integrity. Many recruiters search resumes for keywords; TJ goes deeper, gets to know people, and finds matching values and ambitions. His communication is careful and clear, and he follows up on each step. I expect we’ll work together for a long time.
— Norm Meites, Cello & Maudru
You can trust that TJ’s looking out for everyone’s best interests in any deal; he’s a lucky, trustworthy, find for those who don’t have much recruiting experience.
— Matt Spade, Dome Construction
TJ was integral in helping me secure my current position and worked diligently for me from the interview prep to following up with the organization and myself. He is extremely professional and knows his trade. I would recommend TJ to anyone.
— Thomas Aldrich, DPR Construction
I strongly recommend TJ for anyone looking to find a new position. At every stage of the process he was completely professional, maintaining complete discretion. He arranged introductory meetings and several call-back interviews, and followed up promptly with a phone call after every one of them to see how the process was working for me. He even handled the compensation negotiation. The result of all this? I have the best job of my life with an amazing company at a higher salary with better benefits. TJ is a pro in every sense of the word.
— Jon Boe, Cello & Maudru
The ability to listen, ask the right questions, to establish reachable goals, to be realistic and to find an “excellent fit” between an employer and employment prospect is an art. TJ Kastning, in his gentle manner has reached this balance for me and I highly recommend him to both employers and employment candidates. It has been a joy to work with him.
— Kazumi Komar, Balfour Beatty
SGI, a great resource for finding key talent. No hassle, straight talker, and very talented.
— Fred Parker, Balfour Beatty
I am pleased to recommend SGI as a construction recruiting specialist. I worked with SGI in my search for a new position and found them to be both knowledgeable and insightful. My recruiter asked great questions and listened carefully to the answers. My recruiter was creative in his approach, looking beyond the obvious to find solutions that work for both employer and employee.
— Lisa Ledet, Cello & Maudru
TJ is an excellent recruiter. He is persistent and great at conveying ideas and speaking on behalf of the company he is recruiting for. I have never come in contact with a better recruiter than TJ. At the end of the day TJ will do everything in his power to pair the right person with the appropriate company based on the beneficial outcome of the employee and the employer. He invests himself in making the best move for all parties.
— Michael Storer, Shimmick Construction
I want to extend my thanks to TJ Kastning of Search Group who recently arranged my recent career change. When I was first contacted I was not looking to make a career change but felt that my current position could use some improvement. Their understanding of the construction industry made conversation easy, which resulted in asking me if I might be interested in looking at some possible career prospects. TJ presented me with several options, were narrowed down to one which, it turned out, had a good chemistry match and goals aligned with my own. This process could have languished due to me being on an out of town project, and issues with the principles at the new firm, but TJ persevered and kept the connection moving. I am looking forward to starting with a company that cares, on a project that matched my requirements and abilities. Unlike many recruiters that are pests, if TJ Kastning is any indication, Search Group USA is very professional and results orientated.
— George Ellison, GSE Construction
Startups need to build a skilled sales team, and that can be really challenging for founders like myself hiring their first sales reps. TJ came into my company with his recruiting experience and brought a lot of value. He took one of our new hires with no sales experience and got him dialed in with a confident attitude, real-world scripts, an efficient workflow, and grueling cold-call practice, in a matter of hours. I saw immediate results in increased enthusiasm, confidence, call volume, and performance. Sales is really tough, so TJ was back a few weeks later to encourage and fine-tune our sales process when our team needed it most. I’d recommend TJ to anyone looking to build a sales team from the ground up.
— Chris Walker, Element Robot
I can’t say enough good things about TJ Kastning’s abilities as a search consultant. We’ve all read the perfectly succinct quotes about what differentiates a job from a meaningful, satisfying vocation. We’ve seen the Venn diagrams about finding the intersection between skill, enjoyment, and need, in order to find the “perfect” career match. That simplicity looks great on the page, but the complexity of reality is best managed by an objective professional. I had the pleasure of working with TJ over a period of several months prior to moving to my current position with Cello & Maudru Construction. TJ has a truly exceptional talent to accurately assess the abilities, passion, and values of both companies and potential recruits to create win-win partnerships that can last. He invests the time necessary to get to know the needs of his clients, listening effectively and asking clear, concise questions until all parties reach an understanding. Once he had an accurate assessment of my character, he was able to leverage his extensive network of contacts to connect me with a company whose culture and values perfectly match my own. He clearly outlined the process early on, managed it expertly from beginning to end, and was an absolute joy to work with in all of our interactions. If you’re thinking about hiring or you’re thinking about looking for new opportunities, you don’t need a Venn diagram: you need a professional. You need TJ. Don’t hesitate to call him to discuss your needs.
— Catherine Osborne, Cello & Maudru
I recently had the opportunity to work with TJ Kastning of Search Group International with my job placement with a major nationwide general contractor that had a opening come up suddenly in my area. After discussing what I was looking for and reviewing skill set etc he quickly interacted on his end with his client and quickly arranged an interview with the executive team. After my interview he constantly kept me up to date on the process and what was going on behind the scenes via phone calls and e-mails and TJ was always available to talk even late in the evenings if needed. When it came down to offer time TJ worked diligently behind the scenes to successfully negotiate what was not a standard compensation package with the client. TJ through his diligence and concise communication made the process easy and quick I think start to finish it took about two weeks. I would recommend TJ and Search Group International to others that are looking for a recruiter.
— Jason Bardellini, Clark Construction
TJ is the best recruiter I have ever worked with. His attention to detail helped me finding the company that is just right for me. He walked me through every step of the way and effectively negotiated the offer for me.

During the process he repetitively gauged my level of interest in continuing the process - not just pushing for his own agenda. His recruiting philosophy entails finding the best candidate for the employer and the best fitting company for the prospect, and the result speaks for itself.

I am very thankful for his service and I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of his service!
— Tim Lin, Estes Builders

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