Search Group International is a growing career consulting firm based in Hayden, ID.

We enable professionals to make confidential transitions to better opportunities that align better with their life goals. We also work with successful companies to find the right talent for their most complicated projects. Our candidates and clients love working with us because we put others first.

SGI’s mission is to make recruiting incredible people easy, safe, and enjoyable for our clients. We will treat everyone with kindness, we will work our trade diligently, and we will always take care to innovate better ways of operation.

It is challenging, intellectual, relational, and rewarding work. Only the most motivated people succeed. Because of this it is the most financially rewarding work that does not require an advanced technical degree. But know each dollar is well-earned with hard work.

The ideal candidate for this rewarding career WILL posses an unstoppable desire to be the best person they can be. They will thrive on the constant challenges presented in the course of finding the right people for our clients. They will know how to give an opportunity all the hard work necessary for success. They are teachable, diligent, honest, self-sacrificing, and creative in their problem-solving. Successful career consultants often have a background in athletics, have strong computers skills, and are not afraid of consulting with people on the phone.

The successful career consultants are NOT selfish, rude, lazy, uncreative, or unmotivated.

This is not just a job. This is a career. We are a team and we celebrate each other's success. We invest heavily in mentorship, ongoing training, and the tools for success.

A well-trained and diligent career consultant has unlimited earning potential in our uncapped commission program. Making $200,000+ is not unrealistic for a take-no-prisoners salesperson.

Come participate in the challenge and reward!

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